Two situations in which you should use the services of a mobile mechanic

28 January 2019
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There are many situations in which you should consider using the services of a mobile mechanic. Read on to find out about two specific situations in which this type of service could be helpful. Your broken-down car is parked on your property If your car breaks down on a motorway or a busy street, then it is usually best to get it towed to a garage since your vehicle may be obstructing the movement of other road users. Read More 

Your Colour-Coded Guide to Problems With Your Diesel Engine

22 October 2018
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If you have a rather old, diesel-engine vehicle, then you may understand that mechanical issues are to be expected from time to time, and you may have recently noticed a problem with your engine, as it seems to be down on power. You'd love to get to the bottom of this and provide your diesel service mechanic with more information, so they can get down to work and fix the issue without too much delay. Read More 

4 Signs Your Cars Air Conditioning System Contains Mould

8 September 2018
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When moisture gets into your car's air conditioning system, mould can start to grow. This is bad for your health and bad for your vehicle, so visit your local service station or mechanic if you notice one or more of the following four signs. 1. Unpleasant Odours If you've ever found mould growing in your home, you'll already know how bad it can smell. There's generally a musty, sickening aroma, and that unpleasant smell becomes even more pronounced when mould grows in the relatively compact interior of a car. Read More 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Essential Auto Repair Tools

10 July 2018
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It is recommended that you seek professional services for car repairs. However, it is worth noting that some repair works can be done at home with little effort, which requires you to have essential tools for minor DIY auto repairs. However, before you start purchasing auto repair tools from an auto shop, you need to consider a few aspects to help you choose the right vehicle repair tools. Read on to find out more. Read More 

4 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Spark Plugs

30 April 2018
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Spark plugs are a fundamental part of your vehicle's ignition system. Just like any other vehicle component, your spark plugs should be in good working condition all the time. Problematic spark plugs will affect your vehicle's engine performance, combustion and fuel economy. Staying ahead of spark plug problems depends on recognising some of the signs or symptoms that they could be failing. If you are new to cars and how they operate, it may be quite difficult to tell that your spark plugs are failing. Read More