Warning Signs That You Should Consider Immediate Engine Repairs

2 June 2016
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Vehicles may be built for durability, but one thing you should never take for granted is the myriad of components that they have. Therefore, it is not unlikely that a malfunction of one of these components could lead to an array of problems with your car. A common mistake some drivers make is neglecting to take their car for servicing until the absolutely last minute. Granted, car servicing is expensive, but neglecting the telltale signs of problems could mean having to contend with more serious issues down the road. Not only are you putting your vehicle at risk of a complete breakdown, but you are also risking your life and those of others by driving an unroadworthy vehicle. The following are some of the warning signs that you should consider immediate engine repairs.

Unusual sounds from your vehicle

As a car owner, you will most likely know how your vehicle normally sounds. The moment you begin to notice unusual and unfamiliar noises emanating from your car, you should have a cause for alarm. If your vehicle starts making clunking noises, it could mean that there are some components that have come loose in its engine. If you start hearing popping sounds while you are driving, it could indicate that fuel is detonating prematurely from the vehicle's combustion chamber. If you start hearing grinding noises when driving your car, this could signify transmission trouble. Overall, any unusual signs that begin emanating from your vehicle should signal you to have it looked at by an auto mechanic.

Unusual movements from your vehicle

When driving your car, you are supposed to be in total control of it. When your vehicle either starts responding unusually or is not responsive at all, then this could be a warning sign of engine trouble. Movements such as jerking, stalling and surging are not normal and could put you at serious risk when on the road. These strange movements may be caused by different reasons, ranging from malfunctioning spark plugs to blockages in your fuel lines. The moment you notice you are not in full control of your vehicle when driving, no matter how slight, you should have taken it to an auto mechanic for engine repairs.

Unusual odours from your vehicle

Granted, all cars will emit certain smells due to the different types of fluids being used to keep them running. However, if you notice unusual smells such as burning, these should not be ignored. One of the more common causes for unusual odours is belts that are getting worn out. However, this can also be caused by carbon monoxide from your exhaust making its way into the vehicle's cabin, and this could be hazardous to your health.