Brake Service | 3 Likely Areas Causing Brake Fluid To Leak

7 June 2016
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Your car's brakes are vital when it comes to exerting control while driving, so you'll naturally want them to be in good working condition at all times. But brake fluid leaks sometimes occur in different parts of your brake system, which could cause failure. If you notice your brake fluid leaking in any of these likely areas, make sure you get brake service from your local mechanic immediately.

Master Cylinder Reservoir

The master cylinder reservoir is usually found near the engine compartment's bulkhead. There's a fluid recommendation typically marked outside the reservoir, so you will know when the levels are below what is necessary. If the reservoir is plastic, then it's easy to decipher the fluid level. If it's made of metal, you will have to unscrew the lid to check levels. Sometimes, the master cylinder reservoir can spring a leak, which will cause a premature fall in fluid levels. These leaks are typically noticed at the bulkhead. 

Wheel Cylinders

If the brake fluid leaks from the wheel cylinder inside the drum brake, then you may notice splashes of this fluid on the wheel, tyre wall and back plate. A clear indication that the wheel cylinders have sprung a leak is if the car starts pulling to one side when braking. This essentially means that the brake lining is tainted with leaking fluid and has stopped working.

Brake Hoses

Brake hoses transmit fluid from the reservoir to the system, so they are vital to the smooth functioning of your brakes. These hoses need to withstand a significant amount of pressure when fluid is being transported, which can cause them to wear out over time. If left unchecked, these hoses will form cracks and chafe marks, resulting in brake fluid leaks around them. If you think that your brake fluid is leaking, examine the brake hoses closely to look for beads of moisture around them. In some instances, the leak may only be because of loose positioning, while in others, the leak may be because of damage to the hose. If the problem is loose positioning, then you will need to get it repositioned. If the problem is cracks, then you will need to get the brake hoses replaced completely.

If your brake fluid leaks, it's likely to be in one of these areas within your braking system. You will need to take your car to a brake service immediately to get the problem fixed.