Car Repair | 4 Probable Locations For An Engine Oil Leak In Your Car

7 June 2016
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Your engine is the most vital component for getting your car to move on the road. The engine is powered through interactions between different components. All these engine components are lubricated with engine oil, which can leak over time. Engine oil leaks are both dangerous and expensive, so you should get a car repair service to address them as soon as possible if you notice them in these probable locations within your car.

Valve Cover

Most engine oil leaks occur at the valve cover, which is a small port located at the top of the engine where engine oil is poured. If this valve cover is loose or not closed properly, then there could be an engine oil leak. Valve covers can harden over time because of the excess heat from the engine and may lose their elasticity. If the valve cover is completely damaged, you may have to get it replaced during car servicing.

Oil Filter

The oil filter is used to block carbon and other pollutants from getting into the engine. This oil filter is usually under oil pressure from the pump, so a leak may inevitably happen over time if it is left unchecked for extended periods. Leaks can occur if the filter is loose or if the seal has failed. You will need to get your oil filters replaced and tightly fitted with proper alignment at a car repair service to ensure nothing leaks.

Oil Drain Plug

Your engine oil could also potentially leak from the oil drain plug, which can be found at the bottom of the oil pan. If the drain plug threads are misaligned or worn out, oil will likely leak out over time. Oil may also leak if the gasket or washer of the drain plug is damaged. A car repair service will need to diagnose and solve this leak problem.

Valve Gasket

The valve gasket seal brings the engine block and oil pan together. These seals get worn out and damaged over time because of sludge residue around them. If this worn out gasket seal is left for too long, oil will continue to leak and will eventually cause your engine to overheat. Oil leaking through the valve gasket can also spread into the exhaust system, which can eventually trigger an engine fire.

Regular car servicing and maintenance is vital for preventing any engine oil leaks. If you notice any oil below your engine, head to a qualified car repair service immediately to prevent a small leak from becoming catastrophic.