Motor Vehicle Servicing | 4 Signs That Your Car's Heater Core Is Damaged

8 June 2016
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The heater core in your car is a device that enables heating and cooling of your engine, which performs a similar function to your radiator. The heater core is linked to your air conditioning system and coolant circulation, which makes it an important component within your vehicle. This heater core can get damaged over time because of rough driving or fluctuations in temperature. A damaged heater core can be tackled through motor vehicle servicing, but you will need to identify the signs to know that it is damaged.

Your Car's Interior Gets Misty

An evident sign of something going wrong with your car's heater core is when the interior of your car gets misty. You may notice that your window is suddenly covered with condensation and you find it difficult to look beyond the glass. This typically occurs when the coolant begins to leak into the cabin because the heater core has blown up. The leaking coolant causes this fog because it was formerly housed inside a temperature-controlled system and is now vaporising. A blown up heater core will need to be replaced at a motor vehicle servicing station.

Your Engine Overheats

If you realise that your engine continually overheats, then a blown up heater core could be one of the causes. This is more apparent when your cabin is cold, but engine is hot. Engine overheating causes serious damage to related car components as well, so you'll want to get this problem checked as quickly as possible.

Your Car Is Overusing Coolant

Another sign that your car's heater core is damaged is when it consumes more coolant than the specified amount. Your car typically consumes more coolant than necessary because of a clogged heater core. This is difficult for you to check on your own, unless you notice coolant leaking on the passenger side of the vehicle. Get the heater core checked and fixed immediately to prevent long-lasting damage.

You Get A Sickly Sweet Smell

Coolant typically starts to leak because of a broken heater core. When the coolant leaks out of the system, it emits a sickly sweet smell because it contains ethylene glycol. This smell is present outside and inside your car usually. You can identify a coolant leak by looking below your car on the ground. If coolant is leaking and you notice this smell, head in immediately to get the heater core replaced.

A heater core isn't easy to replace on your own because of its intricate nature. When your heater core needs replacement, it's always best to leave it to a professional motor vehicle servicing company.