Solar Power For Caravans: The Main Benefits

9 June 2016
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Driving a caravan provides an excellent way to spend time with the family, go on adventures, and explore places you have never been before. However, finding electricity to charge the battery and have access to basic necessities is sometimes a pain. Instead of parking at caravan lots, why not use solar power? This requires having solar panels installed on the roof of the caravan, which use the sun's UV rays to charge the controller and battery in the caravan. Here are some benefits of using solar power.

You Save Money With Regular Caravan Use

If you are someone that uses your caravan often, whether for weekend trips to the lake or camping, or because you are currently on an extended vacation in the vehicle, you will save money with solar power. It does require a small investment in the beginning when paying for the panels and other components, but think of how much money you save by not having to pay for caravan parks that offer hook-ups, or having to drive out of your way and wasting gas just to look for a hook-up. Solar power, once installed, is completely free to use.

Solar Power is Clean and Quiet

Also consider the fact that solar power is very clean, providing you with power for electrical devices and appliances you hook up inside the caravan, without having waste or fuel used up. The sun provides completely clean, free energy for you. It is also extremely quiet, not like generators or mechanical noise you get when using traditional hook-ups or battery charging devices. You can sleep soundly while enjoying your free power from the sun.

You Have More Freedom

Imagine what it would be like if you could park your caravan anywhere, without worrying about having a hook-up nearby, or how to pay for it? With solar panels, you can find any place to pull over and rest the caravan while charging up the battery and using your appliances. This may be at the beach, in the woods, up the mountains, or in a park where you are a little out of the way from other caravans with their hook-ups. As long as the owner of that property allows you to park your caravan, you're good to go.

There is Very Little Maintenance

An excellent added advantage to using solar power in your caravan is that it has almost no maintenance. You are using solar panels that don't need to be cleaned or repaired for a long time. There aren't recurring costs each month or moving parts, so there is very little you need to do after it has been installed.