Why You Can Affect Your Annual Service Bill Through Better Driving

20 March 2018
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Modern cars have a very sophisticated braking system, complete with a number of different safeguards that help to ensure that the average motorist is protected. However, the various components of the system are designed to cope with that "average" motorist and the way that they are supposed to drive. Are you average, or are you generating more wear and tear than you need to, due to less-than-stellar driving habits?

Making a Difference

While the braking system on any vehicle will require routine service on a fairly regular basis, you may have noticed that you are checking your vehicle into the repair shop more often than you would like, due to braking issues. You may be able to do something about that, by modifying the way that you drive.

Where's Your Foot?

One of the first things to look at is your foot position. Are you resting a foot on the brake pedal, even if only momentarily, just through bad habit? When you do so, you may exert a small amount of pressure on the material that causes the braking action and it will wear down more quickly than it would otherwise. Keep your foot away from the brake pedal, unless you're actually going to depress it for a reason.

Unnecessary Braking

The phrase "for a reason" is also something to bear in mind, as many people will decelerate the car for no real reason. Consider when you're driving on a busy motorway, for example. Many drivers will be rather too close to the car in front and will automatically react to the brake lights on the rear of the vehicle, when the other driver "taps" the pedal. Invariably, this particular driver will be doing exactly the same thing and will be simply reacting to another car in front of them. Think about how much wear and tear this causes to the friction material over the course of a year, for no reason. Make sure that you don't travel too close to the car in front and look ahead to see whether or not there is actually a reason to brake, before you do so.

Empty the Boot

Also, consider how much unnecessary weight you're carrying around in the vehicle. Do a spring clean and this will result in less weight, making it easier for the braking system to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Service Regularly

While you can always become a better driver, however, make sure that you nevertheless always take your vehicle in for brake repairs, according to manufacturer recommendations.