Factors to Consider Before Buying Essential Auto Repair Tools

10 July 2018
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It is recommended that you seek professional services for car repairs. However, it is worth noting that some repair works can be done at home with little effort, which requires you to have essential tools for minor DIY auto repairs. However, before you start purchasing auto repair tools from an auto shop, you need to consider a few aspects to help you choose the right vehicle repair tools. Read on to find out more.

Lighting -- Traditionally, motorists have used handheld lamps with cords for under-hood lighting needs. The problem with this type of lighting equipment is that light is concentrated in one area. Secondly, handheld bulbs produce excess heat that is uncomfortable. Lastly, the lighting option needs to be hand-held, which leaves a motorist with one free hand. When choosing under-hood lighting equipment, therefore, select an option that features a light-emitting diode (LED) for low heat emission. Also, pick a cordless lamp for ease of operation. Overall, the above features guarantee adequate illumination, less heat and zero restriction from electric cords. 

Tool Reach -- Some areas under the hood are hard to reach with ordinary auto-repair tools. If you use such devices, you risk burning your hands on hot surfaces, knocking your knuckles on engine parts, or scratching your palms on sharp edges. To prevent such incidences, therefore, consider a tool's reach before making a purchase. The good news is that tool manufacturers are always coming up with designs that can comfortably fit in tight spaces without compromising performance. For instance, an extension wrench is perfect for tight spots where achieving a full swing with a standard ratchet is impossible. For deep-lying screws, a long-arm screwdriver is an ideal option, as standard screwdrivers cannot reach such depths without putting your fingers at risk. 

Tool Stability -- When working on your vehicle in a home garage, there is the tendency for tools to drop on the floor. Not only are the falls dangerous, but they can also shorten a tool's service life considerably. To prevent such incidents, you can decide to purchase tools that have stability features. For instance, instead of buying a regular automotive drill, purchase one that has a relatively broad base. The full support will enable the tool to stand upright whenever it is placed down. Most importantly, the auto repair tools you opt to buy should maintain their position and not topple or roll easily during storage.