Two situations in which you should use the services of a mobile mechanic

28 January 2019
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There are many situations in which you should consider using the services of a mobile mechanic. Read on to find out about two specific situations in which this type of service could be helpful.

Your broken-down car is parked on your property

If your car breaks down on a motorway or a busy street, then it is usually best to get it towed to a garage since your vehicle may be obstructing the movement of other road users.

However, if your car has broken down whilst parked on your driveway or inside your garage and is not preventing other road users from going about their business, then it would be best to contact a mobile mechanic and have them come to your home and repair your vehicle there.

In this situation, getting your car towed to an automotive garage would be an unnecessary expense and a waste of time.

Having a mobile mechanic come to you is likely to not only be less expensive than getting it towed to their garage to have it repaired, but could also potentially allow you to have your vehicle fixed sooner (as no time will be spent dealing with a tow service before the repairs are carried out).

The repairs your car requires are fairly minor

If a car has sustained major damage, (for example, if the engine overheated to the point where many of its parts were destroyed) then it is usually necessary to have it transported to a garage in order to get it fixed.

The reason for this is that a vehicle in this condition will need extensive repair work that will likely take several days (or even weeks) to carry out, and the mechanic may need to order the components that they need to fix the damage (these parts could take a few days to be delivered).

However, if your car has only sustained minor damage, it could probably be fixed on the spot by a skilled mobile mechanic.

If for example, your brake pads have worn out and you don't want to risk driving your car without these pads in place (as this can result in other brake components being damaged), it would be sensible to get a mobile mechanic to call round to the place where your car is parked and have them replace the brake pads there and then.

In this situation, the mechanic will probably have the brake pads in stock in their garage (meaning that they won't have to order them in) and it should only take them about a half an hour or so to perform the replacement.