How to Restore a Repairable Write-off

28 October 2019
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If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may understand that there is a certain amount of risk involved, especially when it comes to your property. Unfortunately, however, that risk came home to roost recently following a big storm that caused local creeks to overtop their banks and flood your entire neighbourhood. While your home may have been spared the worst, your vehicle was not so lucky and was submerged for many hours in waist-high water. As you now have to deal with the consequences and have to consider your options, can you get this vehicle back on the road?

Repairable Write-off

Once a car or truck like this has been fully submerged in water, it will have sustained considerable damage. You may call in the insurance company to assess the situation, but in most cases, they will be forced to write-off the vehicle in terms of its usability. However, while it is written off initially, this vehicle may also be classed as repairable, and you will have to go through a specific process in order to get it back on the road.

High-Quality Work

Firstly, you must make sure that you keep adequate records that detail what you have done to repair the vehicle. You should always use a reputable and registered facility able to stand by their work — and one willing to give you those records so that you can present them at the appropriate time.

Written-off Vehicle Inspection

Once all the necessary work has been done, you will then need to find a written-off vehicle inspection provider and get in touch with them to schedule an inspection. Present the car in its virgin state and before adding any final trim or other finishes so that they can see exactly what has been done.

These particular providers are appointed by the Department of Transport, and they will charge you a small fee for their work. Note that you may need to get a temporary movement permit if you do need to transport an unlicensed vehicle to this facility at that time.

Roadworthy Inspection

Once you have got the all clear from these particular inspectors, then you will need to schedule a roadworthy inspection. Once again, you will have to find an authorised inspection station and take along all the paperwork so that they can assess the final condition of the vehicle.

Getting Advice

If you have any questions about the procedure or want to ensure that the vehicle is ready to go following its final inspection, talk with a roadworthy professional for their advice.