3 Car Servicing Tips to Consider for an Imported Vehicle

30 July 2020
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People buy foreign vehicles all the time, especially when the model or brand they are interested in is not locally available. However, buying a car abroad, whether new or second hand, can be a daunting task than buying one from a local showroom. The shipping process takes time, and you have to be keen on the quality of the vehicle you get.

The easiest way to ensure that your imported vehicle serves you well for the years you will use it, is by having it inspected on arrival. During the inspection, a competent and experienced auto mechanic checks the vehicle's mechanical and electrical system. They also check the interior and exterior. Based on their findings, they decide what service the vehicle needs before you go with it home. See what the car service the auto mechanic offers may include. 

Replacing the Shock Absorbers

The manufacturers recommend that the shock absorbers be replaced after every 45 thousand kilometres. When you import a used vehicle, you should first check the mileage. If it has covered the recommended distance, request the mechanic to check the state of the shock absorbers. 

Some signs that indicate a need to replace shock absorbers include uneven wear of the car tyres, vehicle vibration when you are driving, fluid leakage and cracked bushing. The mechanic will even take the vehicle for a test run, and if they notice any of these signs, they will replace the shock absorbers so your car can be more stable.

Auto Bodywork

Another servicing procedure to consider for your vehicle once it has arrived includes body works. A used car will have dents, minor scratches and other weaknesses. However, this usually depends on whether the previous owner used to take it for professional car service. During the inspection, the mechanic will single out the modifications to make.

Also, remember that vehicles are mostly transported by sea. Their coating might fade because of exposure to salty water. Oxidation can also lead to rusting of the metallic parts. Bodywork such as repainting the vehicle will prevent further damage to its paint.

Checking the Condition of the Engine

The condition of the engine determines how long and how efficiently the vehicle will serve you. During the servicing, the mechanic should check and change the engine oil, the cooling system and the air filter. If the filter is clogged, they should change it. They will also check for fuel leaks and, if there are any, find and repair the cause.

You can also have the mechanic check the tyres' condition and the wheel alignment to make sure that it is in perfect condition for the first road test. As long as you have a reliable mechanic to service your car, you are assured of safe and enjoyable driving.