Know the Signs of Potential Engine Breakdown

26 February 2021
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The engine is one of the most important parts of your car. Without it, the vehicle can't produce the power it needs to turn the wheels and transport you wherever you want to go. Unfortunately, many people take their car engines for granted. They notice the signs of potential engine trouble but choose to ignore them until they find themselves stranded midway through their journey due to a stalled vehicle. 

Recognising the symptoms of engine failure and conducting prompt repairs is essential to maximising the reliability and lifespan of your engine. Here are some common car engine trouble signs you should never dismiss.

Engine Overheating

Your engine produces an immense amount of heat while running but it has an internal cooling system that's designed to keep the operating temperatures at a safe level. When your engine is running too hot, the engine temperature gauge symbol on your dash will come on and you can often see steam rise from under the bonnet of your car. Left unrepaired, an overheating engine is a potential car killer, as the high heat can cause irreparable damage to the engine.

Suspicious Noises

If you constantly hear strange noises coming from the front of your car while driving, this is a sign that your engine could be in trouble. Many different factors can contribute to this problem, including poor lubrication, failing engine parts, and more. Unusual engine noises don't go away on their own, so it's best to get them checked and repaired.

Dwindling Engine Performance

Your car should move faster when you step on the accelerator. If it's not picking up speed when you accelerate, this is an indication that your engine is losing power. This can be particularly dangerous when you're overtaking on a busy highway. If you notice the signs of declining engine performance, it's best to get your car checked.

Reduced Fuel Economy 

If your car is covering a shorter distance than it used to for every litre of fuel used, chances are high that the engine requires repair service. Since the vehicle uses fuel to operate, ignoring the problem could increase your vehicle's operating costs substantially.

Car engine problems should never be overlooked. If you notice the signs of engine trouble, it's best to carry out the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. Timely engine repairs not only help minimise car repair costs but also extend the life of your car. For more information, contact companies that offer Mercedes car repairs.