Suspecting All Is Not Well With Your Auto Gear Shifter? What A Mechanic Says Could Be Wrong

14 September 2021
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The transmission is an essential part of your vehicle. When it is working, your car functions properly. On the other hand, when you have issues with the system, you will have a challenge manoeuvring the vehicle by shifting the gears. You can always tell when your car has developed transmission issues by its behaviour. Here are some indicators that your transmission has stopped working and needs immediate repair. 

Does the Transmission Keep Slipping

Slipping is a common problem transmission problem. You will know that your transmission is slipping when driving in a specific gear, and it changes itself for no reason. Sometimes, your vehicle will make a whining sound as the gear slips. Sometimes, slipping happens because the fluid level is too low. At other times, it could be a grave issue stemming from poor maintenance. It is best to get an auto mechanic to check the possible cause of slipping and help you resolve it. 

Do the Gears Keep Shifting

Another indicator that your system has suffered damage and needs repairs is when your manual car takes longer than it should shift gears. You might notice a few seconds of delay between the time you change the gears and when the vehicle responds. It is usually an indication of a possible transmission leak. Leakage minimises the amount of fluid needed to lubricate the moving parts of the gear system. It leads to excessive heating, which can result in other complications. Repairing a transmission system that has completely broken down is stressful and costly, and you should avoid it by early maintenance checks.

Does Your Car Have a Burning Smell?

Burning smells are another common indication that you have issues with the transmission system. Typically, the burning smell comes from low transmission levels. You should stop the car as soon as you notice the burning smell and contact a competent mechanic. They will assess the system and determine whether there is a leak. The burning smell should cease after they replenish the transmission fluid levels. 

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

The check engine light is the major indicator you need to check the transmission and other engine components. See an auto mechanic about the issues with the engine.

These are crucial indicators that your transmission has issues that need fixing. Take your car to a trusted and reliable auto mechanic for a check-up and quick resolution to the problem.